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Everyone thinks that they have lived for more than a hundred years and remain healthy for a long time, but seeing this busy lifestyle, it is very difficult to get a gift of longevity in this era. Most people are suffering from serious diseases like blood pressure-free city heart disease diabetes and cancer, even though it is very difficult to live for a hundred years in the current lifestyle, it can be rewarded by making positive changes in your bread and can provide a long and healthy life. Today I am going to tell you five such things that if you want a long and healthy life, then you should adopt these works, so let’s start

1 (Positive Thinking) (Positive Thinking)

In order to stay in the health condition for a long time, you will have to bring positive changes in your routine, for this you will have to take a positive response to your life. Rather, it can also increase your age.

2 (Roy diet) (Roy diet)

If you want to live a healthy life for a long time, then stop eating fast food junk food and fried roasted things, stop it completely, in fact, due to the problem of catering, you get many kinds of diseases. If you want to enjoy a hundred years of long life and to remain healthy, then you have to change your diet, eat plenty of water to include fruits, green leafy vegetables, protein, calcium and fiber in your diet. And keep a fast of at least one day in a week.

3 (Exercise)

The best option for getting a long life is a physical exercise Yes, for fitness and health, do daily yoga pranayama and exercise such physical activities as part of your daily routine, at least after waking up every morning. You should do a morning walk for a minimum of thirty minutes, during this time, you can run in between and also do physical exercise, every morning, after waking up, first drink a glass of water and after that, it should be out on the morning walk, then do physical exercise at home.

4 (set your routine)

For long and healthy life, it is very important that you set your daily routine and according to the routine, complete all your tasks on time, for this, you should set your routine from the morning wake up to sleep at night and make it Follow, eat food for breakfast from time to time, sleep from time to time, and by adopting habits like exercising from time to time, you can live a healthy life for a long time, you must complete seven to nine hours every day.

5 (stay stress free)

Most people are becoming stressed between the workload and family responsibilities, but do you know that stress can make you a victim of many diseases? If you stay stress then neither you will be able to work properly nor your life In this, you will not only be able to achieve success; not only does stress reduce your life, while this stress free man is also afraid of touching diseases. You can also resort to meditation to stay stress free.

There are only three things in it.

1 Your diet depends on your health, the better your diet, the better your health, fast food, junk food, use them at least now or if possible, then you should stop them altogether.

2Importance is a thing, along with the physical exercise diet, you are also very important to do physical exercise, you can walk in the morning, you can join the gym, in addition to this, you must do any other physical exercise.

3 most important thing is to be stress-free. If your diet is good, you also exercise, but if you take too much stress then it can cause great harm to your health, then try to be stress-free or stress-free. The problem happens, if an incident happens, then you think that you have done a loss and you are doing another damage by taking stress, that is, you are losing your body, then instead of taking the stress of it, you should think that you How can we do that job right

So, friends, there are some things that if you adopt, then you can have a long and healthy life.
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