Full day diet plan for weight loss

Today we have brought for you a diet plan in which you have to keep eating and drinking all day, in this diet plan your favorite choice is bread and vegetable, and every two hours there are some tasty things in this diet plan which That is only 1200 calories, it will not only keep your calories under control but will also help you in weight loss and also take care of your health, this diet plan can be followed by both male and female, so let’s start our diet.


Now this day will start the wet loss water for this we will take lukewarm water and in it, we will mix half a lemon and a spoon of honey, make it fresh and drink it and do not heat it again, because it ends the useless enzymes of honey, this drink will eliminate the fat of your body and also only increasing your immunity will out toxins in the body before and skin will be clear

Lo will now seek after Legge ran 2 hours later Fat milk Ho and very little sugar now come for breakfast, which is the most important meal of your day, for this we will start Masala Oats. There are also some vegetables that always hurt in my fridge so that any recipe is very good to make. Is also hard work.

Now to make oats we will put in a saucepan, half teaspoon of olive oil, half teaspoon mustard, two garlic cloves, finely chopped pinch, turmeric, one tablespoon carrot, one tablespoon capsicum, mix it well and add a cup of water to it. Add one tablespoon peas, one tablespoon onion, one tablespoon tomatoes and one Media Kadachi Oats. Now mix it well. Now add a pinch of salt and red chili and coriander powder according to taste. These spice oats will be ready in 10 to 15 minutes.

Now with these spice oats, we will take a cube and a glass of smoke, all these things will keep your energy throughout the day. Now after 2 hours of breakfast, you take some fruits, except banana, take any seasonal fruit like orange, strawberry, pineapple. , Grapes and raspberry fruits have very few calories and provide many essential nutrients and fiber to your body.

Now it is the turn of the lunch, you do not have to do any hard work in the lunch and you have to take your regular dal or vegetable and two flour rotis and attack with it very tasty raita. For this raita, we will take a bowl of fresh homemade yogurt and it Whisk well now, we will add a chopped cucumber to taste, we will add a little bit of salt, pepper and roasted cumin powder to it after that add green coriander, now this raita is ready

They reduce cholesterol and are very important for a daily diet. After half an hour after lunch, we will take green tea which will help you to digest your food quickly. To
make green tea boil a cup of water and turn off the gas. After that put half teaspoon of green tea in it and keep it for 10 minutes, then filter it.

Now we will take a small bowl of evening tea with heavy tea. There is very few calories in the house and the benefits are very much to make these houses. We have roasted it in a nonstick pan without ghee, after roasting it has added a teaspoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt is many times more than the health benefits drive form of Makhane and it also helps in weight loss.

And now it is the turn of dinner which is the last mill of our day, for this we will make a very tasty vegetable soup in which we will put many vegetables that will not make you hungry fast and will give your body a lot of nutrition.

To make it, we are going to put a bowl of leggings in it. Now one tablespoon carrot, one capsicum, one tablespoon green beans, one tablespoon corn, one tablespoon onion and half teaspoon grated Adrak two garlic pieces finely chopped After mixing it, add one teaspoon of salt, one tablespoon of peas and one tablespoon of tomato peas and tomato in the solution does not take much time, so add it later and cover the pan for two minutes and now put it in a Tbsp cheese and turn off the gas within two minutes. Now, put the soup in a serving bowl and pour half the lemon juice over it and enjoy this hot soup.

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