How to balance body temperature ?

What should we do to keep the body temperature balanced?

The temperature of the body increases due to many reasons, whether etc. are responsible for this, as well as the temperature of the body increases due to what we eat and drink, such as consuming alcohol, consuming more, etc. If we consume too much in the summer The body temperature starts heating up even if we come in contact with sun rays or fall ill again or again and take too many medicines.

You should avoid diets that increase the temperature of the body and the intake of medicines should also be minimized.

Today I will tell you about such a diet whose food can keep our body temperature balanced.

1.If the temperature you want is hot or cold if your body temperature is unbalanced, then the first word that should come to your mind to overcome this is that if your body temperature is hot then soak your feet in cold water for some time and maximum Drinking water you will soon feel that your body temperature is getting balanced.

Drink water again and again if you get out too much in summer. If possible, keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Whatever shortage of water in the body, the body will be as hot.

2.If your body has become too hot, especially during the summer season, then pomegranate juice will help to balance your body temperature. Mix a little almond oil in the pomegranate juice and drink it daily with almond oil. Juices can be of all age groups. If you want to keep your body temperature in balance then now you have to control some things like reducing the intake of hot things to keep the body balanced.

Also, reduce the non-vegetarian diet. Also reduce dependence on medicines as much as possible if If you are dependent on medicines, then please consult your doctor regarding your body temperature.

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