How to gain weight fast ?

Aka diet plan for those who want to increase their weight but to gain weight and to gain weight correctly, these are two different things if you feel that you have to eat anything all day to gain weight or how sweet you eat. If you can, then this is not the right way to gain weight, you can become obese and gradually of countless diseases caused by obesity.

Today I have brought you a whole day non-veg diet plan which if you follow correctly, you will be able to gain weight in the right way, so if this topic is of your meaning then you must follow it. So let’s start.

* We will start the day with lukewarm paani.

Light Hot Pannelele 1 to 2 glasses These lukewarm powders drink on awake. Drinking hot water on an empty stomach causes the toxins of our body to come out, our muscles relax and blood circulation also gets better.

Half an hour after drinking water, eating 6 to 7 soaked almonds and walnuts with leggings increases its benefits and makes it easy to digest as well.

Now after this, you must remove for 1-hour workout i.e. exercise is necessary for weight loss as much as weight gain is also required and any diet will work only if you also workout with it, hence the time required for it Remove and if possible, do it in the morning, you can do weight training or yoga jogging or swimming, etc.

A good one as soon as you come in from a workout get Nutrishans at this time, you can take a banana shake and make it healthy too. Do not add sugar to it. To make it you can take milk cream Full cream that contains 2 bananas, which can put the maps you enter whether it can put as almonds, cashews, and Akron raisins if O all you can put in some If you want to add sweet, then you can add honey and prepare tasty and healthy shake in this way and drink as soon as you get out of the workout, have a breakfast 1 to 2 hours after taking this shake and no matter how much BC you have your breakfast. Never miss a healthy breakfast, your energy remains throughout the day and you feel more active. In breakfast, you can take 2 to 3 eggs of omelet, which means that the yellow part is made with it. In this case, you can add lots of vegetables such as capsicum, carrots, onions, tomatoes, green chilies, etc. Add less oil and spices to it. With this omelet, you can take 1 to 2 brown pieces of bread and also make your choice. Let’s take tea, let’s see.

Now, what else can you take in your breakfast in addition to this, apart from this, if you want, you can have a cheese sandwich for breakfast, you can take cheese sandwich, you can make peanut butter toast or you can take Boyle Egg salad for 2 hours of breakfast. You can take fruits after whatever season fruits are there in your city, you can take it like any fruit, pear, melon, melon, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberries, kiwis, etc., feed our body with fiber, and many nutritionists can also take roasted peanuts or chickpea in the same way if you feel very earthquake. You can also take dal rights by adding vegetables to it and you can make a tasty salad.

Fruit comes after 2 hours of lunch. Lunch is the first thing you can take in a bowel salad, along with 1 to 2 multigrain bread or rice.

You can take chicken curry with it, in which oil and spices are very less, and if you want to replace it with a vegetable, you can take potatoes, fenugreek vegetables or any potato vegetable.

2 to 3 hours after lunch, you can have tea of ​​your choice. If green tea is the best and if not, then you can have milk tea. You can have a healthy snack with tea-like oats or murmur, or popcorns, sandwiches. , Or Dhokla.

And then comes the Deaner’s turn. The Deaner should be the lightest day of your day, in which you can take fish or roasted chicken. If you do not want to be greasy, then you can take Sourred Vegetable with it, you can take bread or rice with it. If you feel that it will not fill your stomach then only you can take bread or rice together. Otherwise, you can take it without it also.

After this, let us look at some other options of the Deaner like agkari, and rice, soya chap, roti, vegetables and lentils. If you still feel hungry then you can take 1 cup of lukewarm milk and 1 hour before sleeping at night You can also add honey dates and Drafood.

Now let’s see what else you can take in this diet, if after any meal, if you feel like eating something sweet, then you can take 1 piece of dark chocolate, in the same way, you take potatoes or sweet potatoes in your diet but bring it to a boil Do not have to fry or eat full-fat milk, curd, paneer, cream milk or cream cheese, this whole diet plan is about 2000 calories if you follow it exactly like this, then 3 to 5 in a month. Will be able to increase the weight up to kg.

Do not eat outside food at all. Do not eat too much fried or spicy food. Avoid Chinese too and do not miss your workout at all. Along with this, also keep in mind that you must complete 7 to 8 hours of sleep and do not take any kind of stress, so if you take care of these things with a good diet and exercise, then the weight will be read easily.

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