What is Nutrition ? and it is ours. Why is important ?

Friends, these days we are making ourselves unwell in the running life, whatever work we do, we think of doing that work very quickly, we also eat food quickly because we cannot get the time to eat food so that we can not get the time to eat. You can eat food in a relaxed manner because we try to do everything quickly.

We eat food quickly but eating it too early has a bad effect on our health. We should also think that the food that we eat has nutritional value or not because our health is due to a lack of nutrition day by day. Is falling.

We start getting sick very quickly, the reason for getting sick very quickly is due to the lack of nutrients inside our body, friends, today I will tell you what is the nutritional value and why it is definitely for our health and what benefits we get from it. If I tell you the complete information about this, then, friends, if the nutrition continues to be received by the human body, then the human body is always balanced.

Whenever there is a lack of nutrition in the human body, then the human body starts to become imbalanced. Is what we call as Nutritionist, these Nutrition works

Lack of nutrition to keep the human body balanced. The body that is in the human body becomes unbalanced. Unbalanced means many diseases such as blood pressure, blood pressure, thyroid, knee pain, uric acid joint. Pain paralysis all these problems are due to lack of nutrition and at the same time, more problems of age like wrinkles and obesity start to occur. All these problems are due to a lack of nutrition.

Friends, if we talk about the Nutritionist, we get it from many other things like it is also obtained from many types of pulses and fruits from vegetables and milk and we get it from the eating of non-vegetarian things, but we all We are using things in food, but to win, our body needs the right amount of nutrition, we are not able to give it to our body, due to which our body is becoming completely unbalanced. The main reason for this is our pure eating and our living. Changes in toleration At the pace with which the population is increasing, we have to increase production.

We have to use pesticides and chemicals a lot to increase production and the same chemicals and pesticides are going inside our body in all the things that we are eating because eating food is very important for our health. Friends, seeing the pace of pesticides and chemicals in our food, it has been decided that in the coming few years, there is going to be a lack of nutrition in every person’s body due to which the human body will become imbalanced. We are going to have to take a nutritionist separately for you to keep the human body healthy because it will be our compulsion to take a nutritionist.
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